EUCRISA stories

Learn about others’ experiences with EUCRISA for mild-to-moderate eczema.

Eucrisa Stories

Nana is all about dancing. But it’s her eczema that’s been keeping her on her toes.

With EUCRISA, “I feel like I have something I can put on when I have a flare-up,...More because it helps me take care of it.” Find out more.

Eucrisa Stories

Nana's story
See how Nana’s eczema looked before and after using EUCRISA.

“My doctor prescribed EUCRISA for an eczema outbreak, and I started ...Moreseeing a noticeable improvement soon after using it. The flare-up gave me raised bumps all over my hand, and after time, they flattened down when I started using EUCRISA. Now I have something I can put on when I have a flare-up.” See more before and after photos .

Braxton isn’t the type to sit on the sidelines, but his eczema makes diving into sports more challenging.

See how EUCRISA “made a great difference” for Braxton.

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